Civi Maos Augmented Reality

I have been approached by Civil maps on their capabiilites for Augmented reality in the concept of Connected and autonomos Vehicles. Civil Maps is a leading venture & auto OEM-backed ...

Transport Data Initiative

Calling all transport partitioners, managers and Directors in Local Authorities The Transport data initiative is led by Local and National Authorities and supported by Businesses and...

Simply Connect - Seeders funding Campaign

Simoly connect is a projec tthat is aiming to provide affordable, on-demand, door-to-door transport to serve suburbs with a community-focused structure. They have just launced their seenders...

Open testing event for Driverless and Autonomous vehicle technology

Free test track time for Connected and Autonomous vehicles

Lords Science and Technology Committee: New inquiry - Autonomous Vehicles

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has  launched an inquiry into Autonomous Vehicles. This is a public capp for evidence.  Please follow the link below to access the...

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Competition offers £35million

New £35 million connected and autonomous vehicles competition open now

The great road safety divide: Volvo vs. Clarkson

Volvo has famously said that, by 2020, no one should be killed or seriously injured in one of its new cars. Jeremy Clarkson has an alternative approach to road safety – to replace air bags...

Digitally enabled mobility services to lead to a convergence of public and private transportation

Frost & Sullivan’s annual blockbuster Intelligent Mobility event , this year featuring future business models in connected and automated mobility held in London on 28 and 29 June, picked...

Why driverless cars still need driving test

Double opportunity from Innovate UK worth £34 million for Infrastructure Systems and for first of a kind deployment of innovations

On 12 July Innovate UK and KTN hosted a briefing and networking event in London to launch two new funding competitions: the £15 million Innovation in infrastructure Systems and the £19...
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£1.5M Competition - A digital tool for Building Information Modeling

The Technology Strategy Board are running this SBRI competition in partnership with the BIM...