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TSB heads up on proposals request for plugin components of open architecture traffic management system for UK, NL and Flanders

Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has issued early notification of the forthcoming Common Traffic Management Model Highways Agency (CHARM) Pre-Commercial Procurement project (PCP) - a €4.1 million project under the 7th EU Framework Programme.

The competition is intended to stimulate innovations to improve Traffic Management Centres (TMCs) in promoting safe, fast and reliable (interurban) road mobility. 

Opportunities for companies interested in bidding for a contract are expected to be announced in the Spring. In the meantime, TSB are also interested in hearing from qualified assessors for the competition.


Joint Highways Agency and Rijkswaterstaat project - since joined by Flanders equivalent with EU support

The CHARM Programme, of which CHARM-PCP is the development branch, was initiated by national road operators from UK (Highways Agency - HA) and the Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat), joining forces to improve their TMCs while decreasing operational costs. The consortium was since complemented by the Flanders Department of Mobility and Public Works (Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken - MOW), the UK-based Technology Strategy Board and Agentschap NL.

The objective is to move away from closed systems to create a flexible, open, modular high level ICT architecture for traffic management centres (TMCs) based on standards and create new modules for this architecture that is hoped to offer improvement over currently installed traffic management services.


Seeking proposals for plugin components for an open modular architecure for Traffic Management Centres

The collaboration has analysed required business processes and functionalities, with the next stage the PCP project setting out the specific business, functional, application and infrastructure specifications. The systems specifications are expected to be based on open architecture and require a modular, flexible system. 

The PCP project will challenge the market to develop innovative traffic management modules that fit within a new, flexible, common architecture for Traffic Management Centres. The modules will significantly improve traffic management performance while being cost-effective. Three challenges for the market have been proposed in the areas of Advanced Distributed Network Management, Advanced Traffic Predictions and Support of Co-operative ITS Functions.


Best estimate is that the competition to open at "end of April or the beginning of May"

Bryan Forbes, Account Manager at Technology Strategy Board reports that "the documentalion is still being worked on and EU approval is provisional, but the best estimate for the competition to open is the end of April or the beginning of May".

"I am assisting Highways Agency and RWS (Netherlands Highways Agency) in the development of the competition and Technology Strategy Board will be undertaking the administrative functions in the running of the competition on behalf of those agencies." 

Further details can be seen on the CHARM-PCP website

We will alert readers when the specifications of the project are published. Anyone interested in being an assessor for the competition can provide a CV to Bryan Forbes by e-mail.


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