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Toyota Motor Europe to equip vehicles with TomTom HD Traffic, Fiat to include TomTom navigation in it's Radio Nav infotainment system

At the Geneva Motor Show today, TomTom announced that Toyota Motor Europe (Toyota) will offer its TomTom HD Traffic as standard in all vehicles with Toyota's next generation Touch&GO navigation and infotainment systems from early 2014

The traffic information service combines data from multiple sources, with location data provided via its OpenLR royalty-free, open source technology.

Derek Williams, General Manager, Telematics & Multimedia at Toyota Motor Europe said on the announcement that "Quality traffic information always comes high on our customers' wish list. By providing TomTom HD Traffic as an in-built connected service, our drivers will always have the best traffic information available."

TomTom will collaborate with its partner Harman to integrate TomTom HD Traffic into the next generation Touch&Go multimedia platform.


TomTom navigation built-in as part of the Fiat Group's new Uconnect 5" Radio Nav infotainment system

TomTom also announced that it will provide a new navigation solution for Fiat Group, continuing the four-year partnership between the two companies. TomTom navigation will be built-in as part of the Fiat Group's new Uconnect 5" Radio Nav infotainment system. The new in-dash solution is to be showcased today at the Geneva Motor Show.


OpenLR Technology offered as an open Industry Standard

TomTom said its royalty-free, open source OpenLR Technology offers precise and compact dynamic location information. The map-agnostic technology enables data exchange and cross-referencing using digital maps of different vendors and versions. The information transferred can consist of the current traffic situation at a certain location, traffic forecasts and special alerts. 

TomTom's launched its OpenLR royalty-free technology as an open Industry Standard, inviting the ITS Industry to adopt it.

The Amsterdam-based company said it is expected that the universal location referencing technology will greatly support key actions of the ITS Action Plan of the European Commission. TomTom will lead the further development and maintenance of the OpenLR™ system and invites the stakeholders in this industry to enhance OpenLR™ and contribute to its evolution.

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