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Smart infrastructure is key to intelligent mobility in future

Smart infrastructure: the future

Investment in 'smart' infrastructure will deliver more for the UK in the future as well as boost economic growth by exporting expertise, according to a report published this month by the Royal Academy of Engineering, with input from the Transport KTN.

Infrastructure within the UK is becoming smarter, but barriers preventing further integration and smartening of systems should be overcome to bring many economic and societal benefits.

The Academy's report, Smart infrastructure: the future, presents a consensus of what is meant by 'smart' infrastructure.  It identifies some future opportunities for present applications of smarter technology in different industries, and outlnes some barriers to this success.

What can Smart Infrastructure do?

Smart infrastructure responds intelligently to changes in its environment, including user demands and other infrastructure such as sensor and communications networks, travel and transport consumer behaviour and energy systems, to achieve an improved performance.   This feedback loop supplies data and information to integrated systems,  providing knowledge for enhanced human and automatic decision making, actions and behaviours, ultimately adding value to the entire process.

How do we make it happen?

The report concludes that this "smartness" has the potential to provide many economic and societal benefits.   In order to capitalise on this, organisations need to become more open in their communications with each other, users and government, and government needs to ensure that adequate investment is made in this potentially high value, exportable market.

Leading the way

We all have a part to play in this - the first step on any journey may be the most difficult, but it's only one step. And if you're there first, you're leading the way, just with one step.

Download the report and tell us what you're doing....


source: ITS UK



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Induction charging technology will indeed play a huge role in the low carbon transport use in a very new future.­environment
Posted on 27/01/12 15:31.
An interesting and concise report. It is particularly interesting to see the potential benefits of 'smart' infrastructure and what it could offer, as well as its challenges, in light of the recently released Climate Change Risk Assessment:

The sections on risks to buildings and infrastucture are very relevant.

Could we see more of this smart approach in the forthcoming National Adaptation Programme, or will the inherent vulnerabilities described by the RAE report prove too great for Government to promote more automation and combined systems?
Posted on 30/01/12 12:26.
Thanks for the feedback, Owen. Could you explain what smart approach you are referring to that could be reflected in the National Adaptation Programme ( ? Automation and combined systems are, along with many others, building blocks towards intelligent mobility in an integrated transport system. Anything that can be done to encourage more intelligent, sustainable mobility of people and goods would surely be a Good Thing.
Posted on 30/01/12 16:40 in reply to Owen Peat.

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