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Siemens UK demonstrates cloud based traffic management solution at Traffex 2013

Traffex 2013, the 26th international traffic engineering, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), road safety, parking and highway maintenance exhibition, running at Birmingham's NEC this week includes, as an event partner and exhibtor Siemens Plc, showing off their portfolio of traffic management products, ranging from innovative traffic signals and management to road safety solutions, complete low-emission zones and congestion charging systems – all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Among some new products and systems presented at the show, Siemens introduced, what it says, is a strategic new approach to traffic management - Siemens Stratos.



The company said it has completed a major upgrade of its entire portfolio of traffic management systems with the development of a single integrated solution with flexible deployment options including a new cloud-based system hosted on the internet.

Stratos can be accessed on smart mobile devices as well as traditional control rooms; and offers a solution for car parking, VMS, strategic management and (in the future) adaptive traffic control – Traffic Management as a Service. 

According to Mark Bodger, Product Manager, ‘Stratos integrates the latest developments in information technology deployments and introduces complete flexibility in implementation of the most effective traffic management. Increased redundancy, flexible deployment models and access anywhere are just some of the benefits which Stratos brings to traffic managers in addressing the complex needs of maximising network efficiency whilst minimising operational costs’, he said.


Capable of moving traffic management from the traditional control room

Using browser based user interfaces with easy workflows, the system can move traffic management away from the traditional control room. 

Stratos includes a journey time application module which uses ANPR or Bluetooth data to calculate journey times and also includes a data fusion algorithm developed by Siemens in conjunction with the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton. Accurate and reliable journey time information is also linked in Stratos to network management as triggers for the selection of control measures to ensure the network operates efficiently. Using live journey time information and easy to visualise strategic tools, Stratos offers automatic network operation with minimal operator intervention.

Stratos offers a strategy manager tool that builds directly on experience gained from existing customer deployments and feedback, with a intuitive operator interface first delivered in Comet, it allows easy configuration of strategies for automatic control of a transport network.

Using multiple states, with varying priority levels, it is now possible to completely automate routine management using Stratos.


Driver information

When used with variable message signs, Stratos provides motorists with accurate and up to date information, allowing an informed choice to be made about the best parking options and traffic conditions.

The car park management module of Stratos continually analyses the number of free spaces in each car park or zone, automatically determining the most appropriate messages to be displayed on variable message signs. This information is automatically integrated within the wider system for traffic managers and is available for use by third party systems as well as for analysis of car park performance and related congestion. 

As well as providing information specifically relating to car parks or parking zones, Stratos also manages variable text information signs, to provide additional information on local pollution levels, diversions and anticipated journey times derived from the network management module.


Siemens plc employs 13,520 people in UK 

Siemens was established in the United Kingdom 170 years ago and now employs around 13,520 people in the UK. Last  year’s  revenues  were  £3.2  billion.  Siemens  has  offices  and  factories  throughout  the  UK,  with  its headquarters in Frimley, Surrey. The company’s global headquarters is in Munich, Germany.

The Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division (Munich, Germany) provides solutions to customers whose business models are based on optimising passenger and freight transport. The Division bundles all Siemens business related to  management  of  international  traffic,  transport,  and  logistics.  This  includes  railway  automation,  infrastructure logistics,  intelligent  traffic  and  transport  systems,  and  technologies  for  developing  the  infrastructure  for  electric mobility.




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