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Siemens to show products and solutions for urban mobility at InnoTrans 2012, the world's largest transport technology trade fair

The world's largest trade fair for transport technology InnoTrans is being held in Berlin from September 18 to 21. 

InnoTrans is an international industry showplace focusing on Railway Technology; featuring a large number of projects and over 220 transport technology firms. Berlin, as the main focus of Germany's transport engineering industry, is the venue for this international platform for buyers and sellers of passenger and freight transport technology. 

A full range of rail vehicles are presented in static displays on the Messe Berlin tracks located outside the exhibition halls. Other key InnoTrans features include Railway Infrastructure, Interiors, Public Transport and Tunnel Construction.


Siemens to present its green & Rail IT portfolio

Siemens will be presenting its green portfolio, including Inspiro, the new-generation metro train, Avenio, Siemens' most advanced tram, Desiro RUS, a powerful regional train for the Russian broad gauge network as well as innovative concepts for predictive maintenance and service. 

The company will also be demonstrating its Rail IT portfolio, including an integrated dispatching and service centre as well as an intermodal real-time passenger information system. The e-ticketing solution shows a cashless payment system - charging for the service or route actually used, whether riding a train, using a bicycle or parking a car.

The company's offerings at the InnoTrans also include smart grid solutions for intelligent traction power supply, which, the company states, rely increasingly on renewable energy sources.

According to Siemens' Trade Fair Preview, in 2010, "51% of the world's total population was living in urban areas. This population slice is expected to increase to over 60% by 2030 and to 70% - of then 9.2 billion people - by 2050."

"Experts anticipate that, in terms of the annual number of passenger-kilometers travelled, mobility in cities will virtually treble between 2010 and 2050 and make up 64% of the total volume of mobility. This is presenting enormous challenges for municipal authorities and transportation operators if they want to continue to offer sustainable mass transit, long-distance passenger and freight services in future."


Possible UK rail sector networking event at InnoTrans

If you are interested in this networking event, please visit our InnoTrans page to indicate your areas of interest so Railway Industry Association can make appropriate arrangements.

The Railway Industry Association is gauging support for a possible networking event at InnoTrans, where UK rail sector businesses seeking to develop innovations could meet potential partners that could help with development. If sufficient support is indicated and the Railway Industry Association does run an event, it will only be open to UK-registered businesses with a technological presence in the UK. Participants would be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.




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Another example!
Where are the UK Companies in this field? How long will the UK continue to fail to Innovate (develop) inventions into the UK economy in Transport and other areas?
Posted on 06/08/12 03:05.

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