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Public consultation on The European Union C-ITS Initiative

The European Commission opened a 12 week consultation period on 24 June to survey opinions from stakeholders and interested parties on possible actions at EU level to support the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in the EU.

The survey requests views on potential options and opinions around provision of consent for C-ITS systems for broadcasting data and on priorities for deployment of C-ITS systems.


Objective of the consultation

The replies submitted to this public consultation will be analysed and taken into consideration during the development of the C-ITS Master Plan, a Communication by the European Commission that is foreseen for the second half of 2016, and the first non-legislative step of a roadmap for the deployment of C-ITS across Europe.

Thew commission notes that achieve COP21 targets, and increase efforts to reduce carbon and other air pollutants due to transport without curbing mobility all modes will need to become more efficient and road traffic will need to become smarter and better integrated.

C-ITS, it sates offers the potential to contribute to this both directly, through better traffic management leading to seamless flow and less congestion, and indirectly, by facilitating modal shift and the transition towards low-emission vehicles.

The parallel trend of automation will not, it states, even be possible without connectivity.

The commission adds that C-ITS technologies are now mature and the best time for co-ordinating their deployment to ensure interoperability is considered to be before separate/proprietary systems and ecosystems have fully developed. Therefore, the European Commission engaged in a dialogue with Member States and private stakeholders in a dedicated forum to address these open issues.


Platform for the Deployment of C-ITS in the European Union

The Platform for the Deployment of C-ITS in the European Union (C-ITS Platform), a Commission Expert Group launched in July 2014, consists of more than 100 stakeholders that meet on a monthly basis in 11 different Working Groups. The first phase of the C-ITS platform resulted in a final expert report which was endorsed on 21 January. Successful deployment of C-ITS, maximising its benefits, it is suggested, will depend heavily on interoperability of systems and vehicles, i.e. across brands, across borders and with seamless transitions from national to regional and local authorities.

Funding for C-ITS pilot projects has been available under EU funding programmes (TEN-T, CEF, FP7 and H2020). Some Member States are about to start deployment in real life conditions on selected motorway corridors in Europe.


How to submit your contribution

All the contributions shall be submitted through the online questionnaire. Contributions may be submitted in any official EU language.

Interoperability is essential to take advantage of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, says European Commission funded review

A new report from the European Commission funded Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) claims ”there remains a significant body of work to be done and to address different approaches amongst stakeholders on certain aspects’ of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

A Ricardo AEA led research report analysis published on 20 June analysed over a decade’s worth of C-ITS projects submitted by academics, policy makers and private sector organisations to the online TRIP portal.

The report provides a comprehensive review of C-ITS progress and points to standardisation and principles of interoperability as the biggest barriers facing the widespread adoption of the technology in Europe. To avoid a fragmented approach to deployment, the report makes some scientific and policy recommendations for overcoming barriers in C-ITS implementation and for creating safer and more sustainable transport systems. The report is available for free at

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