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Night time delivery Code of Practice for businesses to come into action during London 2012

Transport for London (TfL) has started installing signs and road markings that make up Games Lanes and indicate other changes along the Olympic Route Network (ORN). The changes were scheduled to begin on 12 July but will only come into effect on Wednesday 25 July. 

This work is taking place overnight to minimise disruption, but the schedule of changes is dependent, to some degree, on the weather. Information updates are available on the TfL website.

London businesses were warned that the ORN will have an impact on deliveries. So, with the ORN operational during the Games from 06.00 to midnight, many businesses will shift to night-time delivery and servicing. 

To minimise disruption, TfL has produced Quiet Delivery Code of Practice for the Games, developed by a team led by Transport & Travel Research Ltd (TTR) in partnership with the Freight Transport Association, Noise Abatement Society and TRL.

The code of Practice contains guidance on planning for out-of-hours deliveries, measures to reduce noise at the delivery point and guidance for delivery drivers.

Nine trials of the code were run ahead of the Games by TfL with the other partners, covering a range of locations, types of business and delivery restriction.

One was by The Co-operative on Wanstead High Street (a medium-sized local convenience store, surrounded by residential property). While not directly on the Olympic Route Network, the store is close to, and serviced by, the A12, which will form part of the network during the Games. 

After reviewing the code, a working group of Co-op managers and the London Borough of Redbridge agreed a two-week, night-time delivery trial at the store, beginning at the end of October 2011. Ambient deliveries were timed to arrive at midnight and fresh produce at 05:00, the latter being two hours earlier than usual. TfL also installed noise monitoring equipment for the trial run.

One of the main lessons learnt from the trial was relocating delivery points away from the residential properties help minimise the risk of disturbance. Despite the store being considered a sensitive site, no complaints were received from local residents during the two weeks.

Back in April, Transport for London, London Councils and London’s business community stated they will be sympathetic to companies that need to make or receive out-of-hours deliveries in London during the Games, and companies were urged to adhere to Code of Practice. It was also suggested the code could provide legacy of improved road safety, air quality and reduced congestion in the capital.

According to TfL Approximately 280,000 freight journeys take place within London on a typical weekday, delivering to some 290,000 businesses and 7.8 million residents. Road freight; deliveries, collections and servicing activity accounts for 17 per cent of Greater London's traffic and this is predicted to rise to 25 per cent of total traffic by 2030. It also claimed 89% of London's freight is moved by road and 6.4% of London's employment is freight related, making it a significant business sector, crucial to the London-wide economy.

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