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Driverless car: Google awarded US patent for technology

A US patent for self-driving cars has been awarded to Google. 

The intellectual property rights relate to a method to switch a vehicle from a human-controlled mode into the state where it takes charge of the wheel.  It explains how the car would know when to take control, where it is located and which direction to drive in.

The application for Transitioning a Mixed-mode Vehicle to Autonomous Mode was applied for in May, but had been hidden from public view until this week.

The document describes using two sets of sensors. The first identifies a "landing strip" when the vehicle stops. This then triggers the second set which receives data informing the machine where it is positioned and where it should go.

"The landing strip allows a human driving the vehicle to know acceptable parking places for the vehicle," the patent filing says.

"Additionally, the landing strip may indicate to the vehicle that it is parked in a region where it may transition into autonomous mode."

Although patent experts note that Google's patent will not prevent others developing rival self-drive vehicles, this patent will allow Google to restrict other companies from using a similar method to switch their cars between human-controlled and automatic modes. Alternatively it could charge them a fee for a licence.

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Major car brands say that it will take at least a decade before people will start to accept driving 'hands free'. Instinctively there is a difference between let's say piloting a Hummer or a Mini. A driver needs to have a feel for the car, how it proceeds through traffic etc. Smaller cars may gain faster acceptance than the big ones. Safety comes first, wouldn't you agree?­t=%2Fweb%2Fsevehicle%2Fblogs
Posted on 10/09/12 10:58.

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