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BMW presents its intelligent networking technologies at the ITS World Congress in Vienna

Traffic management project Mobility assistant (10/2010)


BMW Group presented a selection of technologies currently in development at the 2012 ITS World Congress helps this week in Vienna, the international exhibition for devices, technologies and services associated with intelligent traffic systems.


Mobility Assistant
The Mobility Assistant from the BMW Group is being tested in Berlin as an iPhone application, developed to provide individual, intermodal navigation.

The mobility assistant will display various routes to a chosen destination for cost-effectiveness and speed - whether travelling by car, public transport or a combination of modes of travel.


Car Sharing with BMW and MINI
Intermodal routing is included in BMW's DriveNow package under test in Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin and San Francisco. After registering with this service via smartphone, if you need a car, the DriveNow App will display the nearest DriveNow vehicle in the vicinity. After using the car, the user can park the vehicle and another driver will be able to use it from that location.


Urban navigation
BMW Group is working with cities to make traffic management data about temporary disruptions (such as roadworks) or events and strategic diversion recommendation accessible to navigation systems and to take this into account in route planning.


Traffic light assistant
The research project "traffic light assistant" involves the traffic lights communicating with your vehicle. The lights transmit information about their switching sequences. A suggested optimum speed is then passed to drivers enabling them to take advantage of a "green wave". The system can also warn drivers if they are about to go through a red traffic light.

The driver is therefore able to look into the future and adjust his driving style to the timing of the traffic lights, so encouraging safe and economical driving style.


Safe journey on the way to school with cooperative transponder technologies (Ko-TAG)
In a joint project Ko-TAG, BMW Group is exploring transponder systems for a precise object localisation and classification based on cooperative sensor systems. The aim of this technology is to provide protection for vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists).


Enhanced emergency call from BMW Assist
Rapid transmission of important information can save lives in accident situations. If a BMW with BMW ConnectedDrive is involved in an accident, the automatic emergency call ensures that help arrives at the scene quickly. Crash sensors and a phone unit integrated in a failsafe position enable BMW eCall to send an emergency call automatically if an accident occurs and set up a voice link with the BMW Assist Call Centre.


BMW ConnectedRide - the two-wheeler equivalent to BMW ConnectedDrive
In 2011 the Advanced Safety Concept (BMW K 1600 GT) was launched including daytime light, BMW eCall and various camera-based BMW Motorrad driver information and assistance systems. The next stage saw the specialists developing the Urban Safety Concept (BMW C 650 GT).

Researchers also integrated a head-up display as a two-wheeled innovation. This system displays parameters like current speed, the symbols for the Traffic Light Assistant, the Collision Warning and Traffic Sign Recognition in the wind shield. The daytime light was also incorporated in this scooter.

The Left Turn Assistant is a prototype developed for cars and motorcycles, which is intended to prevent a critical situation when drivers are turning left. The system calculates positional curves and speed profiles in order to assess the likelihood of a collision. When a critical situation occurs, the motorcycle raises its conspicuity. If the oncoming car driver fails to react, automatic braking is initiated in the automobile.


Parking with mobility services of BMW i
"ParkatmyHouse" is an online marketplace which sets up a link between free parking spaces and drivers looking for a parking space. ParkatmyHouse follows on from MyCityWay as another participation by investment company BMW i Ventures in an enterprise for internet-based mobility services. ParkatmyHouse is directed towards entrepreneurs and homeowners who want to rent their premises to car drivers looking for a parking space. This service has spread throughout the United Kingdom and now has more than 150,000 registered drivers and parking spaces at more than 20,000 locations.

The electronic mobile parking service "ParkNow" allows users to book their parking space in advance. They get a guaranteed parking space at a clearly defined rate based on the personal preferences of the driver. Customers can either use the ParkNow App for smart phones to look for a parking space, or reserve a parking space on the ParkNow website and pay for their space immediately. This reduces the time expended in looking for a parking space and the impact on the environment due to the emission of pollutants. There are currently 14 ParkNow stations installed in and around San Francisco. ParkNow is a joint venture between BMW i and Urban Mobility.

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