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Working with UITP – Urban Mobility without New Infrastructure

At the recent UITP Regional and Suburban Railways Committee conference in Geneva, a presentation on Urban Mobility without New Infrastructure was made by Ian Ambrose of Network Rail and was well received.

The members all felt that this was a timely exercise with the projected growth in cities over the next 20 years and merited further discussion with a wider UITP audience. 

It is now proposed to set up a joint workshop with Transport KTN and delegates representing all the UITP transport committees as well as the Transport KTN membership.  This is planned to take place in late 2013/early 2014.  The initiative is in line with the UITP PTX2 objective to double public transport usage across the world by 2025.  The proposal was supported by Alain Flausch, UITP General Secretary.

More information about the event will be published shortly.

To view the presentation click here.

To see the full summary of our March 2013 round table event on urban Mobility Without New Infrastructure, click here.

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