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Jaguar Land Rover diversifying into new business models - and to sell intelligent vehicles in the next decade

Jaguar Land Rover has this month joined the likes of Daimler and Ford by dipping it toes into alternative business models by opening a subsidiary company to develop technology ventures serving the travel and transport markets accessed by connected devices.

InMotion, based in London, will initially take the form of a business incubator; employing around 30 people to support entrepreneurs to build new businesses that will “push the boundaries in the mobility space”.

InMotion does not yet have a product to promote, but from next month will begin real-world testing of a number of different services such as car sharing and car ownership solutions, across North America, Europe and Asia.

The research is intended to “to learn about emerging travel and transport issues which need solving”.

It will then develop a business model and technology platform, then test the solution by beta testing the outcome to the public.


Car makers diversifying into mobility as a service business models

Last year Ford announced had formed a wholly owned subsidiary, called Ford Smart Mobility LLC, “designed to compete like a startup”.

Ford Smart Mobility will design, build, grow and invest in emerging mobility services, and is part of Ford’s expanded business model to be both an auto and a mobility company.

Also this month, Daimler’s moovel Group GmbH, announced an expansion in north America, offering three separate car sharing and transit commerce services via mobile applications.


Intelligent Mobility 2016

Daimler presented details of its experience as mobility as service provider details of its Car2Go and moovel at the Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility 2015 conference last July to around 300 delegates.

Other presentations included the persectives of executivess from Toyota, Nissan, as well as JLR - and others.

KTN will again be a media partner for this year’s Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility 2016 conference, on 28 - 29 June at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London, that will focus on future business models as well as automated mobility.


A Mobility as a Service concept for London

Last year, funded by the Department for Transport’s (and KTN promoted) Transport Technology Research Innovations Grant (T-TRIG), the UCL Energy Institute produced a feasibility study for a “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) concept in London.

The feasibility study indicated that the introduction of MaaS-London would benefit both the supply and the demand side. Transport operators would benefit by creating a larger market via the integrated platform, while travellers will welcome the concept due to travel expense and time reduction, and better service experience. The study proposed “MaaS-London” as a feasible product that would “well serve London transport market and contribute to London’s 2020 vision”.

JLR to sell an “Intelligent vehicle” within the next 10 years

Like its competitors, Jaguar Land Rover is involved in testing driverless car technologies, and last week said it supported the EU's plan for the standardisation and harmonisation of autonomous vehicle technology.

It also demonstrated a range of highly-autonomous vehicles, including 'hands free' driving, to EU Transport Ministers on the streets of Amsterdam.

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, said: "We are all working on exciting autonomous driving technologies. To successfully deliver these technologies industry needs a common approach between carmakers, mobile telecom providers and providers of roadside infrastructure systems.”

"This will allow standardisation and harmonisation, enabling cars to communicate with each other and the roadside infrastructure around them efficiently and effectively. It allows Jaguar Land Rover to deliver technologies that are relevant, accessible and affordable to customers."

Jaguar Land Rover's vision is to offer a choice of an engaged or autonomous drive. It aspects to offer such an “Intelligent vehicle” within the next 10 years, and announced it will start real-world testing these technologies this year.

Jaguar Land Rover is involved in two projects part funded by the government as a result of last year’s Innovate UK’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicles competition:

  • The £5.6 million budget UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UKCITE) project will set up an advanced test environment for connected and autonomous vehicles on major roads in the Coventry and Solihull area, close to the home of Jaguar Land Rover.
  • The MOVE-UK project will be focused on accelerating the development, market readiness and deployment of automated driving systems. The £5.5 million budgeted project is led by Bosch, with participation of Jaguar Land Rover Limited, TRL, The Floow Limited, Direct Line Insurance, and Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Last week Innovate UK published its 12 month delivery plan, that among promised investment of £561 million, included provision for a Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (C-CAV) 2016 Competition, scheduled for the Summer of this year.



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Extract from "The Guardian":
"JLR was on the brink of collapse seven years ago after global car sales slumped on the back of the financial crisis. In 2009, it produced 158,000 cars. Since then, Tata, the Indian owner of the luxury carmaker, has revitalised the company by pumping more than £11bn into research and development."

Thank God for Tata who could see that UK engineers and workers had a lot to give whereas our own ruling elite of old boys and croneys could not.
Posted on 24/04/16 13:25.

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