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KTN and IC Tomorrow to host speed networking event to introduce sensor and analytics startups with retail, environmental and transport brands

In partnership with Innovate UK’s IC Tomorrow Programme, on 30 September the Knowledge Transfer Network hosts a ‘Smart Spaces Speed Networking’ event to be held at Future Cities Catapult in London.

The event will connect industry with developers of sensor and analytics solutions, and showcase sensor and analytics technologies, that could be used for managing environments and enhancing customer experience in retail, travel, health, the built environment, hospitality and entertainment, parks and recreational spaces.

The event will take place on 5:30-8:30pm on Wednesday 30 September at the Urban Innovation Centre at the Future Cities Catapult, London.

Up to 15 of the most innovative companies that apply to attend will be invited to meet with established industry brands for facilitated networking.

Confirmed participants currently include Siemens (the energy, mobility and healthcare technology player, interested in IoT and data analytics innovations with citizen-facing value propositions and enable cities to analyse, support and predict citizen needs), Transport for London, Centro (Birmingham and the West Midlands’ public transit delivery body, working to develop intelligent mobility solutions, enhance customer choice and experience for information and ticketing, create greater efficiencies for transport operators, and make more sustainable use of the local highway network), Rentokil (the health services Company, interested in using sensors, condition monitoring and analytics to improve hygiene, sanitation, pest control and public health) and Tesco Labs (the retail innovation lab, exploring what stores might look like in the future). 

Applications must be completed by 12 noon on Tuesday 15 September. 


Sensing projects in London

As reported last June in Forbes magazine, Transport for London is working with Microsoft and other partners like Telent and CGI to develop its own “Internet of Things” for the internal infrastructure in the London Underground, in order, as Microsoft’s head of marketing Barb Edson explained, to“modernize the systems that securely monitor, manage and automate its things, everything from escalators, lifts and HVAC controls to closed-circuit video and communication systems”.

Data from sensors and intelligent edge devices — to closely monitor temperature, vibration, humidity, fault warnings and system alerts — Edson added – will all be available in one central location to provide access to needed information on mobile apps, via a Web browser or through text alerts. The system will guarantee resilience and constant upgrading of the infrastructure – automating manual processes, spotting equipment issues in real time before they cause service disruptions and tracking equipment performance.

In a separate project Sensing London a project set up by Future Cities Catapult to help fight pollution in partnership with Intel, the Royal Parks and property developer Lend Lease, is currently collaborating with the London boroughs of Brixton and Enfield. The project, that ran from the summer of 2013 to the end of last year, developed a decision making tool that helps boroughs consider whether to invest in walking, cycling, electric vehicles and which investments would have the best impact on air quality.

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