Economic and population growth, plus a more and more connected society, is placing increasing pressure on mobility - a pressure we can no longer presume government can satisfy through investment alone.

Intelligent Mobility provides a new way to think about journeys - and that's what this group is all about.

For some background on intelligent mobility, read the Automotive Council's Report "Intelligent Mobility: A National Need?", and also Robert Goodwill MP's speech on "The Promise of Intelligent Mobility", at the opening of the Transport Systems Catapult in June 2014.

Intelligent Mobility attempts to meet user needs through efficient and seamless journeys, with a broader perspective than focusing on specific transport modes or infrastructure. Instead, the focus is on what people and businesses value, enabling commercially attractive solutions to be developed for effective, efficient and reliable use of networks, vehicles and transport services.

Intelligent Mobility is characterised by:

  • Understanding of the needs, preferences and behaviours of people and businesses;
  • The exploitation of data;
  • Capitalising on advances in technology in areas such as the Internet of Things, sensors and autonomous systems;
  • Transport networks operating freely and reliably at optimal capacity with seamless interchange;
  • A vibrant commercial market that encourages business innovation and can learn from experience beyond the transport world.

This is a challenging vision and has worldwide relevance. It can create significant business opportunity.

This group offer an opportunity for you to be involved with us and what we are doing to make this happen. KTN's Transport community and our colleagues at the Transport Systems Catapult, Innovate UK and members of this, the Intelligent Mobility group such as the the Automotive Council, facilitate collaborations across government, businesses, industries and academia to help realise a vision for Intelligent Mobility.  

To reap the benefits....Join us now.


Local Authority Solutions for Integrated Transport Sub Group

In addition, Intelligent Mobility now has offspring - for Local Authorities and providers of local integrated transport systems - please check out our group on connect Local Authority Solutions for Integrated Transport.


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A little about Intelligent Mobility

Intelligent mobility is a set of holistic and coherent systems and methods that optimises travel time for people and freight.