Beacon 10: about the baseline

Key themes for the first stage of our work on IP & Open Source

The Beacon 10 Project, which runs from September 2010 to February 2011, will take in views and experiences from a broad range of creative industry sectors, including performing arts, design, advertising, radio and TV, film and video, music, publishing, video games and software. Input will be gathered via a combination of one-to-one interviews, round-table focus groups, workshop events and a large online survey.

The first task of the Project, in its Baseline phase, is to concretise the “themes” which will then be developed into illustrative future scenarios and concrete opportunities in subsequent phases.

Topics which have emerged so far include the following:

·         The Segment of One: is fully customised “single user” content a profitable way forward? How can metadata and other information on personal consumption be monetised without alienating consumers?

·         An IP for an IP: what is the future for exclusive arrangements that tie content provision and usage to specific platforms? Will convergence/format shifting render these revenue models obsolete, or will they evolve into something else?

·         Trading Privacy for Content: how successfully can advertising convert “eyeballs” into real income? How else can value be derived from the context of consumption? What bargain needs to be struck with consumers?

·         Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) vs. User Generated Content (UGC): if users are contributing to your products, what are the implications for your intellectual property rights and your bottom line?

·         What Price Art? are consumers prepared to pay, or pay more, for richer and deeper experiences?

You can find the project inception report in our document library.