Benefits of Mobile Apps to Empower, Improve and Speed Up your Business Process



Have you ever tried to find out why your business needs a mobile app?

Mobile apps are not just for large companies: even small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from them.

When Intelivita suggests an app for business to a small or medium-sized company, we generally get a series of objections. Here are the most common.

"We do not see the need... we are a small company"

"What could we use a mobile app?"

"We are a B2B company, we do not directly address the public. As a result, it's a kind of visibility we do not need ".

"We do not have the necessary budget"

These are understandable observations, but based on prejudices rather than on concrete data; biases that risk damaging the company, foreclosing access to the benefits of the development of corporate mobile apps.

Whether we are talking about SMEs or large companies, mobile is considered the last frontier in terms of business. We are not talking about the simple creation of a corporate showcase or e-commerce site, but rather of the development of apps for the improvement of company functions and processes.

Just a quick look at the app stores to realize the number of apps available to those who want to increase the efficiency of their work and improve the business strategy. In the last ten years, we have learned to rely on mobiles and mobile apps to manage everyday activities and make more timely and accurate decisions.

Mobile technology has not only shaped the ecosystem we all live in but has also contributed to the emergence of a new generation of customers, which American analysts have renamed as digital customers. Thanks also to this passage of witness, in the last year the smartphone officially reached the status of the first screen:

  • In 2015, mobile searches exceeded those arriving from desktops
  • The optimization of its mobile presence has become a primary parameter in the algorithm of Google (and it will be even more in the near future, with the integration of the AMP
  • Mobile apps already collect 86% of the total time spent by people on mobile devices


Those involved in digital marketing are thus experiencing the dual nature of publishers and users. The question arises: In a world where customers trust body and soul to the power of the smartphone, why should not even marketing professionals do it? Furniture is not only the most important touch point for customer engagement but also one of the cornerstones of digital transformation.

What we want to do today is to guide you through the wide range of solutions that a mobile app development company can offer to your business.

Originally Post on Intelivita blog: Benefits of Mobile Apps to Empower your Business

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