Trait Measurement Tools


The challenge

A variety of traits that are heritable are not routinely used in selection goals because their measurement is costly or not possible outside of the research environment (e.g. methane production by ruminants).


The opportunity

Developments in sensing and instrumentation technologies (e.g. modern imaging technologies) open up new recording opportunities.

In addition, high-throughput screening tools could be used on cell cultures or tissues for the prediction of phenotypes, the screening of crosses for selection and the development of biomarkers that can be used on a wider population for selection.

Case studies

The world's first automated, long term measurement device for monitoring pH and temperature in dairy herds.

Integrating ‘genotyping-by-sequencing', association mapping and high throughput sequencing to accelerate the generation of novel UK potato varieties.

Case study

A cutting-edge technology platform to assist dairy farmers to detect oestrous.