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How scavenging fungi became a plant’s best friend

Glomeromycota is an ancient lineage of fungi that has a symbiotic relationship with roots that goes back nearly 420 million years to the earliest plants. More than two thirds of the world’s plants depend on this soil-dwelling symbiotic fungus to survive, including critical agricultural crops such as wheat, cassava, and rice. The analysis of the  Rhizophagus irregularis  genome has...
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Improving yield strengthening Symbiosis

The recent discovery of PDR1 , protein involved in mediating plant symbiosis with fungi, opens new opportunities to manipulate plant yield.   About 80 per cent of terrestrial plants have symbiotic relationship with soil fungi. The fungi provide the plant with water, important nutrients like phosphate and nitrate, and certain trace elements like zinc; the plant, on the other...
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