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Two leading UK crop research institutes join forces to create major new centre for applied crop science & innovation

It has been announced that East Malling Research (EMR) has become part of the NIAB group in a move that will bring together their expertise in crop genetics, agronomy, environmental and data science.

NIAB has traditionally focused on science-led plant variety and seeds characterisation, evaluation, quality control and knowledge transfer. EMR brings international leadership in top fruit and soft fruit research, complementing NIAB’s scientific expertise in arable crops, potatoes and ornamentals.

CEO of the combined organisation, Dr Tina Barsby, said, “This is a vitally important time for crop innovation, with a rapidly advancing knowledge base and renewed interest in productive, efficient agriculture, driven by the challenges of global food security, climate change and resource conservation.

“The move creates a potent new force in independent applied research, bringing together the scientific expertise required to support progressive crop production at all levels, and represents a major step forward in NIAB’s plans. Our experience of merger and acquisition in recent years – including the successful integration of TAG and CUF as part of the NIAB business - puts us in a strong position to realise the full potential of a combined organisation.”

Dr Barsby is also a member of KTN's Plant Sector Advisory Board.

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Story source: NIAB news, 9 Feb 2016


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