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Survey on the future of Plant Phenotyping in the UK and Europe

The BBSRC funded UK Plant Phenotyping Network (UKPPN) is seeking to engage with a broad cross-section of UK researchers via a survey to:
  • Determine the current status of relevant UK plant phenotyping facilities and expertise available
  • Assess which additional facilities and services are required by users in the UK.
This will be used as a basis to create a fully integrated UK plant phenotyping infrastructure, which will then be able to participate in EMPHASIS as a national platform.


The European Multi-Environment Plant Phenotyping and Stimulation Infra Structure (EMPHASIS) aims to develop and provide access to infrastructures addressing multi-scale phenotyping for analysing genotype performance under diverse environmental conditions and quantify the diversity of traits contributing to performance in diverse environmental scenario (i.e. plant architecture, major physiological functions and output, yield components and quality).

UKPNN and BBSRC will be engaging with the European partners in the next stage of EMPHASIS, and information from this survey will play an important role in the UK planning efforts.


What information do they need?

UKPPN is asking you to:

  • Enter the infrastructures at your institution that could be opened for access, has a dimension that is relevant at the European level, and could be included in the EMPHASIS/ IPPN database ( This will will give us an overview of existing infrastructure in the UK, and allow initial steps to be taken in mapping UK infrastructure to EMPHASIS.

  • Provide your opinion as to the areas in which the UK should focus its efforts as part of this larger European infrastructure. Could you provide answers to these questions as soon as possible to Geraint Parry:

  • In addition or alone, please answer the questions in the questionnaireat, which will help us to identify the demands and priorities of the UK phenotyping community


Source: UKPPN Committee letter to HVCfP members

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