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Signet publishes booklet on ultrasound scanning to improve meat quality in beef cattle

Signet Breeding Services, which is part of EBLEX, has published a booklet called "Ultrasound Scanning Beef Cattle" to encourage beef farmers to use this technology to identify superior animals for use in breeding. Ultrasound can help producers better assess the carcase quality of their cattle by measuring muscle and fat depth in the live animal.

Shane Conway, Signet breeding specialist, said: “Ultrasound scanning enables accurate measurements to be taken of muscling across the loin. Ultimately, to improve carcase conformation, you need to measure it and that information can have an impact on the producer’s bottom line. Our new booklet explains the benefits of ultrasound scanning, the procedure involved, answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the service and the contact details of our ultrasound technicians.”

A copy of the booklet can be downloaded from the News section of the Signet website

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