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PhD Studentship in Crop Genetics at the University of Reading

University of Reading School of Agriculture, Policy and Development  is advertising a PhD Studentship in Crop Genetics: Breeding for disease resistance and yield in faba bean.

The deadline for applications is 6th June 2016.

The PhD Fellowship is a joint research project between Teagasc, Oakpark and the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading. 

"There is growing interest in faba (field) bean as a sustainable, high protein, break crop in Ireland. Currently, however, no commercial breeders target varietal selection to Irish conditions, where mild winter conditions often permit early crop establishment and high yield potential.


"The study will develop a contemporary modification of classical recurrent mass selection breeding schemes by developing a diverse and highly recombined founding faba bean population and subjecting it to several rounds of selection for resistance to disease and yield potential. The founding population will carry the yield potential and disease resistance traits needed to constitute the desired ideotype. Allele frequency changes in response to selection will be quantified using cutting edge genomic technologies. The appointed Fellow will develop strong quantitative genetics knowledge and analytical skills required to optimise selection schemes combining simulated and empirical datasets, to assess response to selection and genetically dissect traits such as resistance to Ascochyta fabae as well as acquiring considerable practical knowledge of breeding and agronomy. This Walsh Fellow project will be complemented by and run in parallel to an IFA-funded investigation of faba bean agronomy and will form part of a larger “Virtual Irish Centre for Crop Improvement” project funded by the Republic of Ireland Department of Agriculture Research Stimulus Fund."

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