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Humanised cows milk from GM cows a step nearer

Professor Ning Li from the Chinese Agricultural University (and one of our collaborators in the SABRE EU Project) has, according to this article in the Sunday Telegraph, produced over 300 GM dairy cows. The aim of the research seems to be to have cows that produce a more suitable milk for human infants (or humanised cows milk). The most recent cows are 17 clones transgenic for human lysozyme in their milk (see this article in PLos One).  I could also find an earlier report in Plos One in 2008 where two GM cows producing human lactoferrin were reported.

According to the press article there are now 300 cows from 3 generations in the herd of GM Holsteins. Presumably one of the next steps (if they are not there already) is to combine these modifications to produce both human proteins in the same cows. There are other options of course - such as mixing the milk and living with the dilution of these proteins, or concentrating one protein and adding it to the milk of the other cows. Whatever route they take, Professor Ning Li is reported as saying they may commercialise some products within three years, but he expects it to be ten years before the milk is available to consumers.  

This article could have just as well gone in the Food for Health group, because that is indeed what the research is about.



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Hi Chris,
I wouldn't give this stuff to my cat, it will be more than ten years before consumers in Europe go for this GMO.

I'm old enough to remember the thalidomide "wonder drug" in the 1960s and all the dformed babies that resulted. Let them test this for a couple of generations in China before we even consider marketing it.

As for "Food for Health" I'll stick with my home grown potatoes
Posted on 01/06/15 00:43.

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