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Funding for short term scientific missions focusing on large-scale methane measurements on individual ruminants for genetic evaluations

The  Methagene COST Action are looking to fund short term scientific missions (STSM) to develop linkages and scientific collaborations between participating institutions involved in Methagene. 

Methagene focuses on large-scale methane measurements on individual ruminants for genetic evaluations. 

Application deadline: 27 April 2015

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What is the aim of the STSM

This funding for short term scientific missions has the objective of to strengthening the existing networks and fostering collaboration by allowing scientists, breeding organisations and industry partners to visit an institution in another COST Country participating in the FA1302 Action. Note: The UK is a partner in this COST Action. 

STSM should contribute to the objectives of the COST Action, namely:

  • protocols to harmonize large-scale methane measurements using different techniques;
  • easy to record and inexpensive proxies for methane emissions to be used for genetic evaluations;
  • approaches for incorporating methane emissions into national breeding strategies

Applications from young researchers are especially encouraged.


STSM duration

From 5 working days to 3 months (or 6 months for Early Stage Researchers (PhD + up to 8 years) if approved by the MC). STSM should end before November 15, 2015


Who can apply?

STSM applicants must be engaged in a research programme as a postgraduate student or postdoctoral fellow or be employed by or officially affiliated to an institution or legal entity (Home institution) from a country participating in the COST ACTION. Applicants from the breeding, dairy and meat industries are also encouraged to participate in the STSM. Early Stage Researchers will be prioritized.

Application deadline: 27 April 2015

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