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Emmer wheat genome sequenced

A joint team from NRGene and Tel Aviv University has mapped the complete Emmer wheat genome in one month, significantly accelerating global research into crop improvement.

NRGene’s DeNovoMAGICTM assembler has created long genome sequences (N90>1 million bp) covering 90% of the genome and anchored to an ultra-dense genetic map of Emmer wheat, producing a genome map equivalent of four human genomes or 30 rice genomes. DeNovoMAGICTM delivers accurate, high quality de novo assembly of reference genomes for any crop or organism, quickly and cost effectively. Dr. Distelfeld and other scientists at Tel Avi University have been working on wheat improvement for more than 10 years; they can now translate the knowledge from the mapping into direct improvements of global wheat yields.

“Mapping Emmer wheat is critical to global wheat research as it is the direct ancestor of cultivated wheat,” continued Dr. Distelfeld. With a genome map of Emmer wheat, scientists at universities, global seed research centers, and the major seed companies will be able to breed seeds with higher yields, better disease resistance, and more adaptability to extreme growing environments, such as drought or extreme heat conditions."

Researchers participating in the program represent leading universities in Israel and across the globe, including Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Haifa, Ben Gurion University, and the Volcani Institute for Agricultural Research in Israel; United States Department of Agriculture; University of California, Davis; University of Illinois; University of Minnesota; University of New Hampshire; Sabanci University in Turkey; and IPK and MIPS research institutes in Germany.


Story source: NRGene news release, 21 Jul 2015

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