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Funding for exchange visits on the theme of farm animal genetic resources

The European Science Foundation (ESF) GENOMIC-RESOURCES Research Networking Programme is offering funding for a number of Exchange Visits (from 2 weeks up to 3 months) related to the scientific objectives of the programme, to take place between January and May 2014

GENOMIC-RESOURCES contributes to the education of a new generation of scientists in cutting edge approaches to the characterization, economic evaluation, management, exploitation and conservation of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR). Target researchers will learn and work with novel tools and methods offered by recent advances in molecular technologies, statistical and socio-economic approaches, GIScience and integrated data analysis.

Deadline for submission of applications is November 15, 2013, 17:00 CET.

Conditions of Eligibility

Applicants should:

1. Undertake work of high scientific quality in the area of FAnGR, relevant to biodiversity management, and applying new methods to either:

a. New genomic and bioinformatic approaches for characterization of FAnGR b. Development of FAnGR conservation methods applied ex situ and in situ c. Socio-economic aspects of farm animal genetic resources management d. Transfer of lessons between wildlife and livestock biodiversity conservation e. Contribution of FAnGR to a transition in agriculture (FAnGR and agroecology).

*Implementation of interdisciplinary approaches is strongly encouraged !*

2. Apply to work in a European country other than their country of origin;

3. Intend to return to the institute of origin upon termination, so that the applicant's institute may also benefit from the broadened knowledge of the scientist;

4. Agree to acknowledge ESF in publications resulting from the grantee's work in relation to the Exchange Visit;

5. Provide a report on the activity within one month of the visit;

6. Present the results of their research project during the last GENOMIC-RESOURCES conference to take place in June 2014.

Moreover, applicants are encouraged to submit an abstract to the forthcoming RNP Genomic-Resources special issue described here:

Applications from all scientists are welcome, but priority will be given to applicants who come from and intend to visit countries that financially support the programme (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom), and then who come countries that are membre of the European Science Foundation. In addition, priority will be given to applicants early in their career.

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria are rated between 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent) by the members of the evaluation board :

1. Does the project fit the objectives of the GENOMIC-RESOURCES RNP ?

2. Is the proposed project innovative ?

3. Does the project address real current problems/ scientific issues ?

4. Is the project  presented in a clear and understandable way ?

5. Do the candidate and the host have relevant skills to carry out the    research proposed?

Application Procedure

All Exchange Visits Grant applications should be submitted using the online application form at

Exchange Visit Grant applications should include the following information:

1. A description of the proposed project (up to 1000 words) with the aims and justification of the visit;

2. A curriculum vitae of two A4 pages maximum, including research    experience and five most recent publications;

3. A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the applicant's    work;

4. A letter of acceptance from the hosting institute;

5. Full address details of the host(s);

6. Details of the host's research facilities;

7. Area of expertise of the host which makes them an appropriate institution    for this scheme.

8. Proposed starting date and duration;

9. Estimated travel costs.

See the "Guidelines for applicants and grantees on the Genomic-Resources website for further information on payment procedures, reporting, ESF financial rules for the reimbursement of travel costs, etc.


Exchange Grants are reimbursed on the basis of an allowance of 400 EUR per week plus travel expenses up to a maximum of 500 EUR.

The grants DO NOT cover health insurance, taxes, or retirement scheme contributions.


The deadline for submission of applications is November 15, 2013, 17:00 CETLate or incomplete applications will not be considered.

A PDF of the call is available by clicking here.

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