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The identification of 5 new Plant Activator Compounds will help to protect crops without decreasing yield.

Like animals, plants activate their innate immune system upon recognition of pathogens. Plant activators, compounds that activate a plant's immune system in response to invasion by pathogens, play a crucial role in crop survival by triggering a range of immune responses. Their advantage compared to pesticides is that Plant Activators aren’t pathogen specific. Yet, they have a key problem: Plant Activators arrest plant growth and reduce crop yield. Therefore, they had not been widely used in Agriculture.  However, this is going to change soon. The recent uncover of five new Plant Activators by researchers at RIKEN Plant Science Centre (PSC) will help to adopt Plant Activators as an strategy for crop protection. The researchers had used a high-throughput screening technique to uncover five novel priming compounds in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. These new Plant Activator compounds enhance disease resistance without impacting in plant growth or crop yield.

See the publication of this article on Plant Cell.   

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