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ERA-CAPS third call: Strengthening transnational research in the molecular plant sciences

The ERA-Net for Coordinating Action in Plant Sciences (ERA-CAPS) has launched its third joint call for collaborative applications in the area of molecular plant sciences. In addition to the main call covering all aspects of molecular plant sciences, applications are welcomed to the sub-call "Addressing Data Challenges in Plant Sciences".

Deadline for pre-proposals:l 28 September 2016 (12pm Central European Time).

Funding is available for collaborative projects featuring at least three different countries (see eligibility criteria below). BBSRC is participating with a budget of £2.5-4M to cover both the main call and the sub-call.


Although no specific topics have been defined, the themes below have been identified as being of common interest to several of the funding organisations, but they do not exclude other areas of molecular plant science.
  • Food and nutrition security: research that contributes to the sustainable and secure supply of safe and nutritious food for an increasing global population. This includes yield optimisation, quality traits and nutrient use efficiency, amongst other research areas
  • Non-food crops: this theme includes research into crops (or appropriate models) where the end-use includes bioenergy or industrial biotechnology
  • Adaptation to a changing climate: research that addresses how plants can adapt, or be adapted, to thrive in a changing environment
  • Biotic/abiotic stresses: this theme includes research into plant responses to either biotic or abiotic stress, or how plants contend with a combination of biotic and abiotic stresses


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Find out more, inclduing participating countries, at

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