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MEPs Reject National Bans on GMO Use

EuropaBio is urging the European Commission to take heed of a vote by the democratically elected Parliament and withdraw its proposal allowing national GMO bans, in line with its own Better Regulation Agenda. This is a plea which is shared by the entire EU Food and Feed Chain.

“We welcome the European Parliament’s rejection of the Commission’s patchwork proposal allowing national bans on the use of safe, EU-approved products on the basis of non-scientific criteria. If approved, such a proposal would undermine the internal market and farmers’ livelihoods and set off alarm bells for any innovative industry looking to invest in Europe,” said Leticia Gonçalves, Chairman of the Agri-Food Council of EuropaBio.

The only viable solution for fixing the malfunctioning GMO approval system is to authorise safe products within legally prescribed timelines, as is commonplace for all other categories of regulated products.

“Moreover, we suggest that the Commission finally put forth a proposal that Member States have called for since 2006 i.e. plans on the adventitious presence of GMOs in seeds as well as a so-called ‘technical solution’ for food, which would provide legal certainty currently lacking in these areas,” said Gonçalves.


Story source: EuropaBio press release, 28 Oct 2015

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