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Are you interested in learning more about the basics of genomics?

Are you interested in learning more about the basics of genomics, recent developments in tools and how they could be effectively applied in livestock breeding programmes?

You can now access a set of modules that the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) produced in their role of Training, Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability Partner in the Gene2Farm EU project.

Although the primary focus of Gene2Farm is dairy cattle most of this basic genomics training course is also relevant for other species. Please click on links below to access PDF versions of the modules.

·       MODULE 0 - Preamble

·       MODULE 1 - Traditional Selective Animal Breeding

·       MODULE 2 - About Cells DNA Genes and Genomes

·       MODULE 3 - Genomic Markers and DNA Sequencing

·       MODULE 4 - Use and Benefits of genomics in breeding programmes



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