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Fujitsu develop smart farming technologies for hydroponic lettuce production

The following article provides a very interesting insight into how Fujitsu is developing its hydroponic lettuce farm to showcase its “smart” farming technologies, in the hopes of nurturing a new agribusiness. Fujitsu has equipped the space with more than 100 sensors that monitor temperature, moisture, CO2, air current, lighting, fertilizer flow, and the pH of the soil.
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On the one hand this is brilliant but it fails to answer so many other issues. They have a very high MES and depend on the need take a whole lorry load to a distribution depot. Quite apart from monoculture being wrong the economics don't add up. This was a very expensive building - to repeat the idea and grow sufficient for the country as a whole will never be viable.

We need viable facilities that cut costs - like ours!!
Posted on 30/06/14 12:16.

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