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£10m of Agri-Tech Catalyst funds available to support International Development

DFID Agri-Tech Catalyst Consortia Building Workshop
7 May 2015, London

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Agri-Food team are organising a free consortia-building workshop on 7th May in London to promote Round 4 of the £70m Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition, designed to help businesses and researchers develop innovative solutions to global challenges in the agricultural technology (‘Agri-Tech') sector. This workshop will be specifically designed to help potential applicants target the £10m DFID element of the Agri-Tech Catalyst, which supports international collaborations tackling food security and nutrition challenges in developing countries (a full list of  eligible countries and more technical details are available in the competition guidance documents).

The aim of this workshop is to enable potential applicants to get a better understanding of the  competition process, rules and scope. The workshop is also designed to help with networking and consortia building, and offers a great opportunity for delegates to pitch their capabilities to potential collaborative partners.



Representatives from DFID, Innovate UK and KTN staff will be present to address any queries related to the competition. In addition to this we will also have representatives from NGOs well positioned to help facilitate collaborations with partners in the target countries. Confirmed attendees include:

  • Self Help Africa
  • CABI
  • Galvmed

About the Agri-Tech Catalyst 

With £70m of government funding, the Agri-Tech Catalyst, which has been set up by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) and BBSRC, will help to commercialise UK agricultural innovation. Within the £70m is £10m of funding by DFID which has been ring-fenced for international projects.

Applicants to the Agri-Tech Catalyst intending to access DFID funding must demonstrate how their application will contribute to international development outcomes, specifically enhanced food security, nutrition and welfare of the poor. The Catalyst mechanism provides an excellent opportunity to use UK Agri-Tech sector skills to support international development and identify new markets for UK technology and skills. It will also enable the Agri-Tech sector in developing countries to source new technology and learn from the world leading UK sector.

Who should attend?

The workshop aims to attract:

  • Technology providers, from any relevant sector. The Catalyst is designed to help take innovative ideas from any sector or discipline with the potential to benefit both the UK Agri-Tech industry and emerging markets, by tackling challenges in agriculture.
  • Researchers Involved in primary agricultural production (both in commercial companies and research organisations) who could develop and/or be the “end users” of these technologies.
  • Companies with international supply chains. The scheme provides an opportunity for any international organisation who rely on primary production in one of the target countries.

Event Structure

The event will cover:

  • Scope of competition and rules (DFID, Innovate UK)
  • Short talks from NGO’s working in target countries highlighting challenges and opportunities for collaborative research.
  • Delegate pitch presentations outlining expertise and opportunities for collaboration
  • Case studies of successful projects

There will also be several dedicated networking sessions, and DFID, KTN and Innovate UK staff will be present to address any queries related to the competition.

People with particular projects in mind will also be able to organise one on one meetings with DFID and Innovate UK staff to discuss projects in more detail.

Short presentations by participants - Information and conditions

a) This event aims to help build consortia, and delegates can give a short presentation to “pitch” ideas to potential partners. Presentations could detail technology, resources or expertise they can offer to, or need from partners e.g. “Who we are, what we provide, what we need”.
b) Presentations will be limited to 2 slides, must last a maximum of 5 minutes, and must contain no animations/videos.
c) People wishing to present must provide a title summarising their presentation when they register.
d) Presentation slots are limited, so the organisers reserve the right to select people to present on the basis of their presentation title, and will inform people if they have been chosen to present. People chosen to present must then send their 2 slides to the organisers before the event.

Further Information

The fourth round of Catalyst funding is now open. For more information about the scheme, the funding available and the target countries please see the website for more information.

Register for the workshop at



Terms and Conditions

All best endeavours will be made to undertake the event as shown above. However, the event organisers reserve the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements, timetable or plans relating directly or indirectly to the event. The event organisers are not liable for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of such alterations.

Places at this event are limited, so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The organisers reserve the right to limit the number of registrations per organisation.

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