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£5.5m Funding Competition for Animal Health Research Projects

In 2012 BBSRC established the Animal Health Research Club (ARC) to bring together industry and the research community to support research that improves our understanding of resistance to pests and diseases in farmed animals -  for more details see here:

The ARC has now announced a new competition for funding, and approximately £5.5M of funding will be available -  for more details see here:


BBSRC will host a workshop on 31st October to promote this new call for research proposals, and people will be able to attend to:
• Find out about the call and the research challenges to be addressed
• Understand the industrial context behind the research challenges
• Network with potential collaborators
• Ask questions to BBSRC and the ARC Steering Group
• Discuss potential applications in confidential surgery sessions

To register please visit:

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