Microfluidics defines the interdisciplinary science and technology of systems that process or manipulate small (10-9 to 10-18 L) volumes of fluids using features (channels, structures, and microdevices) of dimensions on the micrometer scale.

The current $2B market in microfluidic devices is enabled by (i) size reduction through microfabrication (ii) reduced diffusion distances, (iii) enhanced rates of thermal and mass transfer and subsequent processing yields (iv) reduced reaction volumes, (v) controlled sealed systems avoiding contamination, (vi) the use of solvents at elevated pressures and temperatures, (vii) reduced chemical consumption, (viii) facility for continuous synthesis.

The distinctive fluid-flow, thermal and chemical kinetic behaviour, observed in microfluidics devices, as well as their size and energy characteristics, lends their use to diverse applications including highly exothermic reactions, screening for potential catalysts, precision particle manufacture, high throughput materials synthesis, emulsification and microencapsulation, fuel cell construction, printing consumables, optical switching, point-of-use miniature & portable chemical diagnostic and synthesis instrumentation. This group aims to ensure that UK industry excels at the opportunities created by microfluidics.

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