New Starter at Sizzle Media

New appointment at Sizzle Media


After a 3 month recruitment campaign to search for a new web developer, Grant Unwin joins Sizzle Media to support the growing web development team.


Grant joins the company as a Senior Developer tasked with taking responsibility for managing the growing number of eCommerce development projects, and ensuring client support continues to be amongst the best in the industry.


Grant said: ”I’m really excited about joining Sizzle Media and looking forward to helping the company to continue delivering cool projects in a smooth and efficient manner.”


Sizzle Media web design manchester recently featured in the RAR Top 100 Recommended agencies outside of London for the second year running, and have recently delivered sites for Blacks Business Brokers, Alexander James, Cavendish Press, Astra Signs and Great John Street Hotels.


Director Aftab Ali said: “Our eCommerce team continue to deliver affordable websites to regional businesses, and Grant has already been a valuable addition to the team bringing fresh skills and ideas. We’re looking forward to steady progress through 2012.”


Sizzle Media are based at The Sharp project and specialise in web design and SEO for Businesses in the Greater Manchester region.

SEO is not a black art!

As the owner of Sizzle Media, a successful multi-award website design and search engine optimisation company, we offer efficient, affordable web development and web design services to business across the UK.

After a very successful run designing and building ecommerce websites, we are now offering a cost effective search engine optimisation to businesses wanting to leverage maximum results from the internet.  SEO is still considered a business luxury and maybe even a ‘black art, certainly many SEO companies will want you to believe that it’s something beyond the average business persons understanding - It’s not!

SEO has become the most significant part of everyday online business, and over the last couple of years I have met hundreds of people and owners of a wide variety of enterprises who are still in the dark about SEO, and are willing to learn about the secrets of SEO, so they can get the maximum benefits of online marketing for their businesses.

Understanding how SEO works is key to helping your business succeed. Ofcourse you may not have the time or skills to conduct an SEO campaign, but having an appreciation of the process will help you, the business owner – understand what this ‘dark art’ is all about and maybe have a dabble yourselves.

Sizzle Media – SEO Manchester are helping several companies and individuals achieve online success, and we have a library of case studies to back up our claims! Not only are we helping our clients get the website they need and helping them achieve top rankings for their websites, we are also helping them to establish a solid online reputation.

These days SEO has gone to a completely new level and it is not just restricted to optimising your website. Rather it is about optimising a plethora of assets such as websites, forums, blogs, micro sites, press releases, videos, social media marketing and a lot more. It’s for this reason I have decided to develop a short book about SEO, to give you a complete understanding about search engine optimisation, the terms used and how they can benefit your business.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing snippets and industry secrets that will help you understand the benefits of SEO, and allow you to get involved with easy tips and tricks that can be applied at no cost to promote your business online.


Sizzle Media to revamp the Manchester Lieutenancy Office

Sizzle Media have been selected by the Manchester Lieutenancy Office to revamp their online presence by creating a new vibrant design that clearly promotes the role GMLO plays in the Greater Manchester region.


The Lord-Lieutenant maintains Her Majesty’s dignity and seeks to promote a good atmosphere and spirit of co-operation by the encouragement he gives to voluntary service, benevolent organisations, and by the interest he takes in the commercial and social life of his county. 


Sizzle Media will be developing a bespoke content management system that allows Deputy Lieutenants across the county secure access to contribute to the system, creating a site that is up to date with regional news and events. Furthermore the system will allow the administration team to make full use of Social Media to help raise the awareness of the services available at GML to a much wider audience.


Based out of the Sharp Project, Sizzle Media SEO Manchester have developed a series of high profile projects with GMLO being the latest win. Recently they were selected to develop the site for the GB British Bobsleigh Team Deen, skiing sensation Daisi Daniels and professional footballer turned pro boxer Curtis Woodhouse. Last Year Sizzle Media designed the Amir Kahn official merchandise outlet ecommerce store. Existing regional clients include Great John Street Hotels, Suzuki, Evevee, Blacks Business Brokers, Astra Signs and Marilyn Comrie OBE.

Manchester first Guerrilla Marketing Practitioners


Jay Levinson is the author of ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ which is recognised as the best known marketing brand in history, named one of the 100 best business books ever written, with over 21 million sold. His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that his books appear in 62 languages and are required reading in MBA programs worldwide. Jay Levinson was the marketing genius behind iconic brands of the 80’s and 90’s such as Marlboro, Tony the Tiger, Jolly Green Giant and delivering notable marketing campaigns Wells-Fargo, Visa, Rolling Stone, Mercedes.

Now aged 77, Jay’s previous students include names like Steve Jobs, Bills Gates and Michael Dell who were all once upon a time, long haired, Levis wearing students with bright ideas and no money. It was Jay Levinson who taught them about Guerrilla Marketing and planted the seeds of action that have now grown to become the biggest brand names in the world.

Our Creative Director Aftab Ali and a select group of 15 business people, recently spent three days in the company of the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, learning his secrets and methods directly from the man himself.

After the three day mind meld with Jay Levinson, Aftab has now become one of only a handful of UK based Guerrilla Marketing Practitioners, able to assist your business on how to gain maximum results and exposure for your business based on the teachings of Jay Levinson.

If you need help in:

    * Defining your business objectives
    * Choosing the best tools to meet your marketing goals
    * Identifying and understanding your targets audience
    * Generating maximum results for your existing client base
    * Increasing customer loyalty
    * Identifying you USP and Exercising your competitor advantage
    * Using nano-casting to deliver your products to the heart of your target audience
    * The art of Blogging
    * Advice on making sure your marketing emails get opened
    * Creating a 27 point brand promotion programme
    * Creating a 7 line marketing plan just like Apple, Microsoft and Dell.
    * Creating effective follow up plans
    * Finding Fusion partners to help catapult your business
    * Replacing marketing guesswork with tried and tested processes.
    * Create a company Meme and catchline
    * Discover the ins and outs of social media marketing
    * Drafting a brochure that does the selling for you

Then email to find out how our Guerrilla Marketing Practitioner can revolutionise your business.

Web design

Sizzle Media help raise £50,000

As well as businesses, UK charities are also reeling from the impact of the economic downturn over the last two years as a direct result of the lack of money people have available to donate.

Recent figures paint a gloomy outlook as the UK’s top 500 charities witnessed a fall in income since the start of the recession. According to research published in June 2010, organisations saw a drop in income of  between 1.1 percent and 70%, a real loss of around £200 million.

Sizzle Media, Manchester’s fastest growing web design Manchester agency took the decision to continue their policy of business donations, but where hard cash was lacking, Sizzle Media donated their time and skills. Having previously help raise over £75,000 for the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake appeal including chartering supply flights to hard hit regions, Sizzle Media have helped The News Children’s Hospital Appeal in Manchester after being invited by Theo Paphitis to donate services. Sizzle Media designed and conducted an email marketing campaign keeping donors up to date on the charities developments..

More recently Sizzle Media donated their creative marketing services to the Five Stars Scanner Appeal helping to promote their summer fundraiser to get one step closer in finding the final £250,000 needed to buy the £1m MRI scanner for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The night was a star studded event with guests bidding on items such as Centre Court Wimbledon tickets, Man United memorabilia as well as a meet and greet with members of Take That. Raising around £50k, entertainment on the night come from Rose Royce lead singer Gwen Dickey, Britain’s Got Talent boy band finalists Reconnected, TV star John Thomson, and X Factor favourite Chico .

 Sizzle designed and delivered a high impact email newsletter campaign through their in-house marketing platform; targeting businesses across the Northwest encouraging them to donate directly to the Five Stars appeal and to book a table at the event. 

Nicola Smith wrote a personal letter of Thanks to Sizzle Media for their support “Your support means a lot to the Five Stars Appeal and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Because of your help we are one step closer to buying the MRI scanner in place at the hospital helping to save lives”. The new MRI scanner is no doubt be an invaluable piece of equipment that will save lives and as the Fives Stars Scanner Appeal say “Helping little people have a better chance of becoming big people”. 

Aftab Ali, Sizzle Media’s creative director said “Everyone at Sizzle Media are very pleased and very proud to have been part of the fundraising effort and encourage other businesses to help charities continue their good work by donating their skills where finances may be lacking ”.

Sizzle Media Launch Search Engine Optimisation services

To coincide with our move, we have also made Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click services available to our existing clients under the banner of ‘Sizzle Search’. We will be in touch with more details soon, however in the meantime, we have been getting some very impressive results for some our clients and for our own website, with over 50 position 1-3 results on Google. In addition to SEO and PPC, we have also started to offer telemarketing services to our clients to help you drum up new business - again with some impressive results. However we only have a very limited capacity for telemarketing at present.


To find out more about our SEO Manchester services and PPC Manchester, call us today on 0161 820 8577 and one of our online specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Edgy Clothing brand goes live

Sizzle Media web design Manchester are proud to announce the completion of their latest ecommerce project. is a fully featured ecommerce website that was initially commissioned as a Magento development but it soon became apparent that Sizzle Media’s LAVA platform was a far more suitable choice to for the children brand retailer.

The first site was created by a well known Cheshire agency who developed the very cool Edgy Kid brand and the primary Magento website.  However with the allocation of NESTA funding, Prim Patel at Edgy Kid decided to try a fresh agency that specialised in ecommerce websites. Sizzle Media was the natural choice and having worked very closely with the Edgy Kids team, we addressed the issues facing the company and developed a website that worked with the existing branding and redeveloped the site; applying strong calls to action and improving usability from the administration and users point of view.

Edgy Kid specialises in provided high quality brand name clothes for children such as IKKS, FC:Kids, Mexx, Jean Bourget and YOU by Mo. The designer kids clothing company source their brands from all around the world with a special emphasis on quality, style and value for money.

Now that the site is up and running you should check out this innovative branded childrenswear website and get shopping!

Website design Manchester?

Being a website design agency based in Manchester seems to be quite a popular goal for most website design agencies. However when looking at search results you may find that those agencies being listed as being Manchester web design agencies, aren't based in Manchester at all. We found some that were as far afield as Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, even Luton!

It’s understandable that the search term ‘website design Manchester’ is highly sought after, but what sense would it make for a company based down south, to be found for website design services in Manchester?

Sizzle Media have been active in conducting face to face meetings and it’s been our USP to some extent. We are regularly told by clients that website design agencies in Manchester tend not to come out to visit clients and conduct almost all of their business over the phone, we frankly find this very strange indeed. How can you develop a meaningful business relationship with a client and understand their aspirations via email and phone communication only. Perhaps we are a bit old School web design Agency in that we like to shake people by the hand and have a chat over a brew, it obviously doesn’t happen often enough as far our clients are concerned.

So, for a chat with a proper Manchester website design agency, give us a call on 0808 143 3300 and we would love to discuss your web design requirements, even if your outside of Manchester!

Website Grants available through Sizzle Media

As many businesses will be aware, the Government has been busy cutting l web design business grants across the UK. Many business grants have been pulled mid-project leaving  businesses struggling to complete web design projects that have used company resources.

Due to our success in delivering NESTA business grant funded projects across the North West, we are pleased to announce that Sizzle Media have been selected to deliver a new website design business grant. This web design grant is available to ecommerce and retail businesses across the country up to a maximum value of £5k per business.

The basis of this website design grant is to support small businesses in the UK to leverage the power of the internet and help the UK make an ecomonical recovery.

Starting from 4th October 2010, the grant will be made available to claim against for ecommerce business websites and retail businesses. If your business is considering commissioning a website, please email with your business details, the nature of your business and one of our advisors will be glad to assist.

Latest Sizzle Media testimonial

Working with the Sizzle web design Manchester team has been a real pleasure. After my countless demands and desire to maintain the brand identity of EdgyKid, Sizzle Media delivered a web solution I am incredibly proud to be the owner of. Their expertise in addressing all the issues an ecommerce site needs to consider has been invaluable to the development of EdgyKid and it’s future.

I am very grateful for their continuous support throughout the build process and ongoing development. A thoroughly committed and driven team who have provided a few laughs along the way too, it’s good to work with real people who understand your goals from the outset.

Prim Patel |

Sizzle Media enter the Sharp Project

Sizzle Media web design Manchester are currently relocating from Universal Square to the Sharp Project, which has recently become known as the place to be for Manchester web design, graphic design and media companies.

Based in the old Sharp building, the project is currently in development and is estimated to be fully complete by Feb 2011.

After viewing the premises and their unique container offices, Sizzle Media decided that it was time consolidate their 3 offices and work from one central location, which form the projected plans looks to become a hub of media activity in the coming months.


Web design Manchester

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