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Report identifies opportunities for scaling up industrial biotechnology and bioenergy

A new study identifying opportunities for investment in UK scale up facilities in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy was published last week.

The study documents major investment opportunities to build UK excellence and leadership in translating industrial biotechnology and bioenergy research into industrial products and processes.

Access to pilot-scale equipment is commonly cited as a barrier to the development of a commercial process. A survey was undertaken of relevant equipment at academic, research and technology organisations (RTO’s) and commercial companies to identify where there is a specific need for investment in pilot-scale equipment in the UK.

Stakeholder views on equipment and facilities were gathered as part of the study to help develop the rationale for targeted investment.

The study found that overall, the UK is well served with respect to accessible pilot equipment and is competitive with other European member states. However, a number of emerging technologies were worthy of focused investment to strengthen UK capability. C1 gas fermentation and high value products from microalgae were highlighted as two strategic areas where investment could have a major impact at a national and international level, delivering large benefits for the UK bioeconomy.

The full report is available to download from this page:


Story source: BBSRC news release, 27 Mar 2015

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