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Podcast from the IBLF exhibition at BIS

Engineering and Technology have released their podcast from the IBLF exhibition at BIS.

During the seven minute podcast, Edd Gent hears how manufacturers are increasingly turning to the biotechnology industry for production of materials. Teh interviews cover the following:

Steve Bagshaw, Chair of IBLF & Managing Director of Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

-          About the IBLF
-          Overview of biotech companies around the world

Rebecca Wood, Chemistry Innovation KTN

-          IB in the whole value chain
-          Discussing her role in the IBLF
-          Bio-composites
-          Environmental advantages of IBLF
-          Enhanced functionality of bio-based materials

Steve Bagshaw

-          Using biology to create novel materials
-          Exhibition shows different end applications
-          Commercialisation of bio-based materials

Jaspal Rayet, Bouygues

-          Chemical engineering and scale-up
-          Supply technology and know-how
-          Fermentation technology
-          Area of growth for the UK


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