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Naturiol file patent for their insecticidal soaps with help from Mewburn Ellis and an IBLF Award

Naturiol BANGOR Ltd (Naturiol) received an IBLF Award to work with Intellectual Property experts at Mewburn Ellis Ltd. They were particularly interested in developing and filing a patent for their insecticidal soaps.

Naturiol was established as a spin-out from Bangor University in 2014 to exploit background and foreground Intellectual Property in the identification, isolation and chemical modification of bioactive substances from indigenous plants.

Mewburn Ellis carried out an initial evaluation of the technology, discussed important questions with Naturiol, and then produced a draft patent filing. This was further developed through several iterations before a final application was filed in September 2015.

Owen Jones of Naturiol said, “The company is an early stage SME that already has a significant IP portfolio. The ability to use this award to file a critical piece of IP has been extremely important as we expect the route to market in this area to be considerably faster than in others.

“Without the grant, it would have been much more difficult for the company to obtain high quality expert support and to file the strongest possible patent.”

This was the second IBLF Award with Mewburn Ellis.

Sam Bailey of Mewburn Ellis said, “We were delighted with the level of interest we received from the IBLF Awards winners, which prompted us to increase the number of awards that we offered.

“The award scheme gave us the opportunity to work with a number of early stage companies and help them to file patent applications which they otherwise might not have considered.

“The award eased the common concerns of early stage companies about cost of our IP work and allowed us to work with them to tailor the IP work to their needs more quickly than in cases where cashflow is a significant constraint on the project.”

Since receiving this IBLF Award, Naturiol have been able to obtain a proof of concept SMART funding from Innovate UK to provide additional evidence to support the patent and to reach design lock on the formulation.

This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.





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