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Launch of the European Industrial Symbiosis Association

What is EUR-ISA?

Last week, the European Industrial Symbiosis Association (EUR-ISA) was oficially launched at the European Parliament. It brings together the organisations responsible for 10 established industrial symbiosis programmes (collectively engaged with more than 20,000 companies across Europe). The founding members of EUR-ISA include networks from Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland and Turkey.  

What does EUR-ISA do?

EUR-ISA aims to establish an effective framework to connect the multiple industrial symbiosis networks across European member states for the benefit of industry and governments alike. It provides a knowledge sharing platform enabling the industrial symbiosis networks who are part of EUR-ISA to share data, best practice, innovation and expertise and enable wide scale and speedy implementation across Europe based on the proven models of EUR-ISA members.

What is industrial symbiosis? 

Industrial symbiosis connects companies from diffrerent industry sectors for mutual benefit. Industrial symbiosis has obvious relevance to biorefining. For example, a chemical company produces waste CO2 and steam, which can be pumped into greenhouses as as a growing medium for tomatoes. Such collaborations have environmental, social and economic benefits, through reducing waste, job creating and adding value, respcetively. 

How can EUR-ISA help me? 

Small companies often don't have the time and resources to look at new opportunites. Much like the work of the KTNs, EUR-ISA is all about connecting industry and making opportunities. Business models need to incorporate growth and sustainability strategies in the future. You can read more about EUR-ISA here 

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