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Key enabling technologies foster economic growth, especially in low-tech EU regions

A first-time analysis finds that key enabling technologies (KETs) – such as nano electronics or industrial biotechnologies – directly boost EU regions’ growth. Comparison with specialisation in fast growing technologies (FGTs), which have the power to disrupt markets, shows that FGTs only indirectly affect regional growth, through the impact on regions’ innovation performances (patents' growth), according to a JRC report.

The results of the study confirm and reinforce the important role that KETs may play to meet the European Commission priority on boosting growth and creating more jobs. An analysis of the evolution of regions' technological specialisation over time shows that trailing regions have increased their relative specialisation in KETs with respect of leader regions.

The study focused on two periods, 1996-1999 and 2008-2011. In the first period 68 regions were specialised in KETs. In 2008-2011, the number of regions specialised in KETs increased from 68 to 82 of which 34 were new entrants. The comparison showed there was a relatively high degree of mobility.

For more information follow this link to JRC

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