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Innovate with InnoCentive Challenges: Enabling creative minds to solve problems

The Royal Society of Chemistry is partnering with InnoCentive to provide you with an opportunity to tackle a variety of scientific and non-technical problems.
The recently launched Open Innovation Pavilion on features InnoCentive-customer Challenges that seek innovative solutions.
Do you have a possible solution to one of the Challenges below?
  • Novo Nordisk Challenge: Design and Synthesis of a Small Molecule Glucose Binder

  • Identification of Druggable Targets to Reverse Hearing Loss

  • Masking Salty Taste

  • Seeking Safe Drug-like Small Organic Molecules for Human Use with Negligible Biological Effects

  • AstraZeneca Challenge: Robust Online In Vivo Measurement of Biomarker Concentrations

  • Mobilization, Stimulation, and Differentiation of Endogenous Stem Cells

  • and many more....

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