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IBLF Award allows Aragreen to undertake valuable IP research with GreavesBrewster LLP

Aragreen (UK) Ltd used their 2015 IBLF Award to access the expertise of Greaves Brewster LLP's Intellectual Property specialists.

Aragreen wished to make a patent application in relation to a novel product for non-chemical treatment of water for algae contamination. The findings of the IP work allowed Aragreen to make strategic decisions on the direction of its future activities.

Working with Greaves Brewster LLP they undertook a Patentability Review followed by a Freedom to Operate, in order to better understand where the IP might be used to protect various products that Aragreen were considering bring to market. This work revealed that existing IP in the target areas could significantly restrict any potential protection that the company might achieve. Therefore it was decided not to proceed further with the patent application.

Jerome Vaughan of Aragreen said, “The IBLF Award enabled the company to undertake valuable IP research in relation to its proposed product development.”

“As a result of the IP background work it was concluded further resource allocation in the planned area would not make financial sense.”

This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.



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