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Fiberight uses IBLF Award to gain understanding of how to exploit IP with help from Greaves Brewster LLP

A 2015 IBLF Award allowed Fiberight Ltd to access the services of Greaves Brewster LLP, a firm of patent and trade mark attorneys.

The award was put towards performing a patent search report which confirmed that Fiberight has freedom to operate (FTO) for its Fiberight process. They have also been able to determine a patent filing strategy.

Dr Dhivya Puri of Fiberight said, “The award was very helpful in gaining an understanding on how to exploit intellectual property and better analyse the IP space within which Fiberight sits.”

Fiberight is continuing to work with Greaves Brewster LLP to generate further patents and licence agreements.

This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.
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