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Exciting job opportunities at the new Synthetic Biology Research Centre, Nottingham

CALLING - Biologists – Chemists – Mathematicians – Computer & Social Scientists.

Be part of one of the largest and most dynamic synthetic biology research teams in the UK.

Based at the University of Nottingham, under the directorship of Professor Nigel Minton, the new Nottingham Synthetic Biology Research Centre (a BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre) has 10 exciting job opportunities. Deadline for applications: 4th November 2014.

The University of Nottingham has a strong track record in microbial synthetic biology. It has recently been awarded research funding of over £14m by BBSRC and EPSRC to further strengthen this area, to develop technologies and carry out fundamental and applied research on anaerobic and aerobic bacteria utilising waste gases including CO, CO2 and H2. A core aim of the SBRC is to generate new knowledge in a coherent, multi-disciplinary environment that ultimately leads to optimisation of production processes to generate sustainable chemicals or biofuels from microbial systems.

The SBRC has a wealth of dedicated new equipment, bespoke facilities, cohorts of PhD studentships and many existing international research and industry connections.

The SBRC's ambition is to combine expertise from a variety of disciplines including sustainable chemistry, biology and computational sciences to create optimised chassis for the sustainable production of chemicals and fuels. Our aim is to replace petrochemical derived commodity compounds, utilise waste GHG, alleviate climate change and facilitate wealth creation through the emerging waste economy.

They are seeking talented ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ scientists to work at research fellow, post-doctoral and technician levels to make this ambition a reality.

The available posts are:

Senior Research Associate/Fellow – Synthetic Biologist (2 posts)

Research Associate/Fellow – Synthetic Biologist (5 posts)

Research Associate/Fellow – Responsible Research and Innovation (1 post)

Research Associate/Fellow – Bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology (1 post)

Research Associate/Fellow – Mathematical/Computational Modelling in Synthetic Biology (1 post)

Research Associate/Fellow – Mathematical/Computational Modelling in Synthetic Biology (1 post)

Laboratory Technician (1 post)

Research Technician – Fermentation (1 post)

Research Technician – Analytical Biochemistry (1 post )

Senior Research Technician – Biological Instrumentation (1 post)


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