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EU funding for demonstrating advance biofuel technologies

The European Commission currently has a funding call open for "Demonstrating advanced biofuel technologies." The deadline for applications is 5 May 2015.

In the short-term and medium-term perspective, due to different issues (such as the limited distribution infrastructure of the electrification option, or the unsuitability of such option for certain transport modes), biofuels are expected to be increasing contributors to the de-carbonisation of the transport sector.

In order to achieve the EU targets regarding renewable energy in transport and CO2 abatement (set out in the RES and Fuel Quality Directives), and to address concerns regarding indirect and direct environmental impacts of biofuels, new and advanced biofuels using sustainable feedstock need to reach the market.

To this end, the following sub-challenges should be addressed:

  • Proving that advanced biofuels and bioenergy carriers technologies, as identified in the Implementation Plan of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI)76, are technically viable, environmentally and socially sustainable, and potentially cost-competitive at commercial scale.
  • Developing logistic systems for a sound, safe and sustainable feedstock supply.

The Commission is seeking proposals for large scale demonstration projects and expects to contribute between € 5-20M per funded project. Proposals should focus on moving technologies that have already reached Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5-6 to TRL 6-7 through industrial demonstration projects. Proposals must be submitted by a consortium made up of a minimum of three independent organisations from three different Member States or Associated Countries. Funding for Innovation Action projects is up to 70% of eligible costs (or up to 100% for the eligible costs of not-for-profit organisations).

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