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Book now! Modular training for the Bioprocess Industries: Industrial biotechnology, biocatalysts through synthetic biology

MBI Short Course on industrial biotechnology: biocatalysts through synthetic biology
18-20 April 2016
UCL Biochemical Engineering, London
This unique course will introduce options for integrating biocatalysis and synthetic biology into chemical manufacturing processes. We will demonstrate successful commercial examples, and illustrate opportunities for sustainable manufacturing.
Why I should attend this course?
Strengthen your knowledge in biocatalysts, and whole biotransformation processes, from fermentation to product.
Understand the range of chemical conversions accessible by biocatalysis, and examples of successful industrial applications.
Discover the industrial potential of synthetic biology
Explore the challenges and options for large scale biocatalysis/ biorefining process development
Who should attend?

The course is designed for individuals working in any of the following industries where biocatalysts and synthetic biology are important:
  • Fine and speciality chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • personal care products,
  • diagnostics
  • sustainable processing in the biorefining, biofuels and bulk polymer sectors.
MBI® Course Structure

Designed & delivered in collaboration with experts from academia & industry
State of the art teaching strategy: lectures, interactive workshops & industrial case studies.
Find out more and book early to secure your place.
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