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Bento-Bio provided with essential market research services by Inventya through IBLF Award

Bento Bioworks Ltd (Bento-Bio) were able to access innovation consultancy and market research services from Inventya thanks to a 2015 IBLF Award.

Their product, the Bento Lab, is the first complete DNA laboratory, suitable for a beginner to a professional.

Philipp Boeing, cofounder of Bento-Bio, said “Inventya helped us with essential market research for the university teaching market, which is one of our entry markets.

“In particular, Inventya compiled a report on the overall potential and size of this market, as well as how to approach and exploit this market. Additionally we received a template for a survey to conduct to better finetune our pricing and fine out what elements of our offering are most appealing.

“Inventya supplied us with a list of 100 leads in the UK to follow.”

Inventya’s work will help Bento-Bio to clarify whether the university teaching market is indeed their ideal market entry point and will allow them to gain valuable insights from the market surveys.

As a result of the assistance provided through the IBLF Award scheme, Bento-Bio are now in a position to fine-tune their marketing material in preparation for launching their product into the university teaching market.


This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.


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