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Are you interested in exploring biobased collaboration opportunities with Norway?

Developing the biobased industry in Norway – lines to the future

19th June 2014, Oslo

This year IB Network's Annual Seminar zooms in on the importance of International Cooperation, Public Private Partnerships, and (biorefinery) competence building for the development of Norway's biobased industry, as well as on synthetic biology as an enabling technology for the industry.


International Cooperation and Public Private Partnership

  • Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) – for a competitive, innovative and sustainable Europe: leading the transition towards a post-petroleum society - Camille Burel, Bio-based Industries Consortium & Innovation Manager at Roquette (F)
  • BIC from the perspective of a Norwegian BIC member - Gudbrand Rødsrud, Technology Director at Borregaard (N)
  • Carbohydrate Competence Center, a Public Private Partnership - Lubbert Dijkhuizen, Professor in Microbiology at University of Groningen,
  • Scientific Director of CCC (NL)

Biotechnology’s possibilities – the future is here

  • Synthetic Biology: At the interface of evolution and engineering - Orkun Soyer, Professor of Evolutionary Systems and Synthetic Biology, Director of Warwick Centre for Integrative Synthetic Biology (UK)
  • Synthetic biology in practice in Norway - Jan Buch Andersen, CEO and founder of BarentZymes (N)

Biorefinery competence building in Norway

  • information on session program will follow

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