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Enginnering Biology conference includes process engineering, feedback, optimisation and control, manufacturing and scale-up

IET SynbiCITE Engineering Biology Conference


13-15 December 2016

The 1st IET /SynbiCITE Conference on Engineering Biology 2016 will provide a focal point for the international synthetic biology community to congregate and share cutting edge research in synthetic biology and how these findings are being commercialised and adopted by industry.

The programme is tailored around the following themes:

  • synthetic genome
  • biotech
  • process engineering, feedback, optimisation and control, manufacturing and scale-up

How synthetic biology is being used to access and expand nature's chemical diversity; if we want to engineer biology for conformity, reliability and predictability we deploy all the elements of engineering disciplines – design, modelling, simulation, process engineering, feedback systems, optimisation and control systems management to enable manufacturing at scale.

  • biosensors and sensors
  • DNA assmebly, programming biology, CRISPR technology
  • design, modelling, characterisation, automation, programming biology
  • QA/QC
  • and Microfluidics.

Keynote speakers include Jay Keasling (University of California, Berkley (UCB), USA), Chris Voight (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA), Anil Wipat (Newcastle University, UK), James Philp (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), France) and Tim Gardner (Riffyn Inc, USA). 

Submit a poster abstract before 31 October 2016 for a chance to present at the conference.

For more details, visit the event website

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