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Non-smoking Tobacco can be The Supper Renewable Feedstock for the Green Chemistry Industry

The market for tobacco has dropped down in the last decades due to reduction of smokers. This fact made that the number of farmers growing tobacco in USA, where this crop is indigenous, has shrank. This trend can now change because the emergence of new tobacco variety that opens a new market for tobacco growers.

Tyton Biofuels developed a new variety of tobacco not suitable for tobacco industry, but it have increased its content in sugar and oil making it ideal for green chemistry industry. These qualities make that this new non-smoke tobacco variety outperforms traditional cellulosic feedstock. Non-smoking tobacco crop becomes a cheap alternative for renewables feedstock as result of the agronomic characteristics of the tobacco plant.

Tyton Biofuels’ business model follows is to contract farmers to grow its variety of tobacco. Then, this feedstock it’s processed with its patented technology to produce sugar, oil, protein and biochar, that is sold as material to a wide range of industries. This is an eco-efficient method that uses 100% of the tobacco plant, so reducing waste to zero.

Tyton Biofuels have been partnering with different companies and technology providers among those High Value Chemicals from Plants Network BBRSC NIBB.

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